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6 Tips to Help You Take Action!!

how to take action

The reality is that we must apply ourselves everyday, in simple ways, to the pursuit of greatness. When we do so, then we find that every simple step and every small action eventually leads us to the momentous breakthrough we’ve been hoping for.”

GIBÉBÉ the Book, Chapter Two, Page One Hundred and Five

Before I got started writing this blog post, I took a few minutes to review the goals I had set myself for the year 2015 – what we call resolutions. I was happy to note that some of my goals had greatly progressed; but I was more disappointed with those I had not done anything about. They were staring at me right in the face as if to tell me “You are a failure for not taking action to complete me”. That is what I want to talk about; Taking action.

So like me, you have a goal in place; already written down and are full of psyche to see it through. “Eye of the tiger” is blasting through your ears and you are jogging on the spot (or rather left to right) and are ready to fight the giant in front of you. Then it hits you, you have no idea how to go about it or where to start. Like most people (myself included) you put it aside for later focusing instead on something that you know how to go about. But every time you come back to it, fear or some other unknown entity holds you back and eventually you give up in frustration.

But how do you take action?How do I move from outlining ideas for writing an article to actually writing and publishing one? How do you move from researching for a better diet plan and actually eating a healthy meal? You see, there is nothing wrong with preparing and strategizing and learning. But it is only action that will get you the results you want to achieve.

Below I share a very simple process of how you can get things done in order to live your best life and breathe rare air.

First, ask yourself what you really want to accomplish. Figure this out and remind yourself every time so that you do not lose track of the bigger picture.

Second, what do you know? You will be surprised that most of the time you already know what you need to know to take action. Do not over analyze because you will start doubting yourself eventually becoming your own worst enemy (Happens to the most of us)

Third, find the gaps in your knowledge. What do you need to know or to learn in order to take action? For instance if you want to start a blog, look up word press and watch tutorials or even take a free online course on how to start up on the platform and eventually you will have a blog. The internet is such a resourceful too – use it.

Fourth, you need to expect obstacles on your way to taking action. Do not focus on the challenge or the mistake but rather focus on learning from each mishap and with that you will discover what truly works and what doesn’t.

Fifth, always take the next step, no matter how small it is. Constantly focus on what you can do next. The time or the circumstances will never be right so just go ahead and get it done. Without forward momentum, you will never achieve results.

Sixth, you have to be determined to achieve the results. Determination in this sense is committing to the goal and seen it through to completion. As is life, there will be moments where you will feel down, fearful, confused, overwhelmed, and uncertain. However, you need to know that fear is not real; the only place that it exists is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not exist at present and may never exist. Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve in life, the most critical component is putting aside your fears and getting things done!!

There you have it…Question is, will you take action?




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