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Path  of GIBEBE

GIBÉBÉ is a powerful success framework that inspires and transforms lives.

The Word GIBÉBÉ is derived from the three step process it symbolizes…imaGIne, BElieve, BEcome…in Swahili, the word JIBEBE means to uplift yourself, in this case, improve yourself or transform yourself.

The message and framework is introduced and explored in Joyce’s inspiring book that takes you on an exciting journey of self discovery


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The Pillars

The first pillar of GIBÉBÉ - imaGIne...your success path - creates a powerful foundation to help you get started towards living the kind of life you desire. The rising of the sun brings the new dawn…Your dawn is here, the beginning of a new day, the creation of something new and great. Forget about your past failures - Focus on your purpose - you are who you are for a reason and there is greatness within you.

This second pillar of GIBÉBÉ – BElieve…in the impossible – helps you define the mindset and attitude that will make a difference in your life by showing you that the impossible is possible and you can truly achieve whatever you desire. Millions of opportunities are out there for you, as many as the stars in the sky...All the stars in the sky represent your dreams, reach out for your star, it is yours for the taking, just as long as you believe

This third pillar of GIBÉBÉ – BEcome...who you're meant to be – helps you discover critical success skills that will help you realize your “imagined success path” and that will help you accomplish your destiny. The symbol of fire in this final pillar is all about transformation. The process of transformation is not always easy, like the flames of a fire, it can be painful. But if you persevere then you will truly see your dreams and aspirations come true

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GIBÉBÉ the book


Every extraordinary achievement begins with a life changing moment…Embrace your moment…discover the path of GIBÉBÉ. GIBÉBÉ the book takes you on an exciting journey of self-discovery. It explores and expounds on the three pillars of imaGIne, BElieve, BEcome and delves into the steps within each pillar empowering you to realize and achieve your potential.

Available in hard copy,in digital format on CD and on Amazon Kindle for only KShs. 1000 ($12) Also available at Text Book Centre (Sarit, Junction and Thika Road Mall)

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We deliver motivational talks and inspirational forums for groups, seminars, events etc. Have delivered key sessions for the ICPAK 20th Economic Symposium, Equity Bank Leadership Congress (2012), IIA (Kenya) 10th Annual Conference, Rafiki DTM, British American Tobacco (BAT), Virtual City, Total Kenya, Greenhorn Gala Dinner, “Magic Power of the Mind” Seminar, KEMU, Zetech Colleges and many others. Inspired Fridays, our corporate engagement program, has connected with many professionals across Kenya.



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“Listening and implementing ideas and guidelines discussed during one of GIBEBE’s workshops was enlightening and quite an eye opener. Joyce leads the group in an interactive way and lets the individual discover their own “AHA” moment in an encouraging and non-threatening environment. Everyone has unlimited potential in them. It just takes a great coach like Joyce to prod, push and encourage. Thanks”

Grace Mureithi

“From the first moment I met Joyce through GIBEBE, I was utterly amazed by the quality of her work and dedication. I immediately subscribed to receive her new book and have enjoyed its contents thoroughly. Joyce is a gifted communicator with excellent ICT skills wrapped with great creativity and a passion for innovation and people. Her trainings exude passion and drive. I recommend anyone who is serious with the 21st century progression in fast changing environment to experience Joyce and GIBEBE”

Gerald Walterfang

“Joyce is a talented speaker whose presentations are fun and engaging while at the same time imparting deep teaching for self-improvement. Her content is unique, well thought and highly interactive.”

Dean Martins

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Start your success journey today. Click here to see what we have coming up…”

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